Rondel Parker

for Village Trustee


Rondel is a fiscally conservative, independent, non-partisan candidate for village trustee for the Village of Bolingbrook. In March of 2019, he discovered the power of living a debt free life, fully adopted those principles and never looked back. He cannot emphasize enough that his reason for running for this local, non-partisan office is to help Bolingbrook become an even more prosperous place to live. He is not interested at all in partisan disputes or backroom deals. Not at all.

Rondel was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1974. As a youth he attended catholic church with his grandparents where he regularly handed out food baskets to in-need families. After graduating high school, he attended Illinois State University (ISU) where in addition to his studies he volunteered with Hope Worldwide. A volunteer organization that focused on helping children in need.

After graduating from ISU, he successfully pursued a career in public service. A career that he finds extremely rewarding because in addition to earning a living, he finds joy in being able to impact people’s lives in a positive way. He has received many awards, year after year for exceptional service to the American public.

He is happily married to his lovely wife and the proud father of 5 children. Three of which are proud members of our United States Air Force. He is also the proud friend of his dog Jack, who has preceded him in death and will be forever remembered.

Rondel is also a lifelong local athlete and healthy living enthusiast! He loves to run with the Bolingbrook Fun Run Club and consistently helps people in the gym with proper form. In addition to staying fit, he loves science fiction novels and trying new foods with his family.


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