Jason Cann

for Plainfield Libary Trustee


Jason is a community activist who seeks to increase transparency in government on behalf of the taxpayers. Jason lives in Bolingbrook with his beautiful wife and 2 children who attend a local school.

One of the central tenants in his life has been to give back to the community and he does this by being active in multiple community programs; including the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.

Jason has worked in Business and Technical Operations for the last 20 years for various fortune 100 companies. A highly motivated, result-oriented professional who is passionate for continuous improvement, he has led multiple large teams toward excellence in various multi-million-dollar projects. In addition, Jason is an entrepreneur and executive partner who created a successful property management company. That company provides low income housing to those who can least afford it.

Jason being a man of integrity wants to ensure that the government is serving the people’s needs and is held accountable to all the citizens. He will bring his business and technical acumen to build the Plainfield Library into a thriving and community-oriented center open to all residents in the district.


Help us build a stronger, more transparent community for everyone.