Deneen Lenoir

for Park District Board


For over 15 years Deneen and her family have been a part of Bolingbrook’s community. Deneen is married with 1 child, is an accountant, and has worked in the financial industry for over 10 years.

She has volunteered for Habitat for Humanity and has been an instructor of a computer class for seniors and re-established citizens.

A year ago Deneen started to take advantage of all the activities that the park district had to offer her and her family.  In doing so she noticed that so many residents weren’t aware of events that were being hosted by the park district.  With the recent passage of the referendum increasing revenue to the district she realized communication from the district was lacking in many different areas. That’s when she decided to run for park board.

Strengthening communication with residents of Bolingbrook and fiscal transparency are the issues that Deneen is focused on addressing once elected to the Park District Board.


Help us build a stronger, more transparent community for everyone.