About Us

We are a group of citizens working to bring positive change to our community through leadership and uniting our diverse town.


Our Political History

In late 2016, in a quiet neighborhood in Bolingbrook, neighbors, business owners, and concerned citizens joined together to discuss the upcoming municipal election in Bolingbrook and the need for a change in local government. Citing citizens’ complaints that Bolingbrook’s leadership had grown out of touch with the diversity of the community, who its residents are and what is important to them, the group acknowledged that for over 30 years the same party has been in control and change is desperately needed.

Concerns expressed amongst the group ranged from improved fiscal responsibility and transparency to taxpayers, to improving services to residents including repair and installation of sidewalks and other infrastructure basics that are missing in some "forgotten parts" of the village. It became clear to all who were in attendance that it was time for change and "Bolingbrook United" was born.


Help us build a stronger, more transparent community for everyone.

Our Mission

Bolingbrook United is made up of people representing all parts of our community, working together to build a strong community.


We bring people together from accross our diverse community to build strong relationships and a healthy community.


The best way to unite as a community is to get to know your neighbors. Strong people make a strong community.


They're your tax dollars, you should know how they're used. We'll work to make sure local government is open and accountable.

Our Candidates

Bolingbrook United represents everyone in Bolingbrook, and has excellent candidates running for all local offices in the upcoming April 6th election.