What do we want?

It’s not about D’s and R’s, it’s about character. Bolingbrook needs news ideas and new leadership. Leadership that listens and is in touch with the residents and diverse community we love. We need leadership that fosters a community of inclusion not division.

It’s time for leadership that is impartial and doesn’t favor a few who happen to be well connected. It’s time for leadership that wants to clean up all of our streets, not just those in the newer subdivisions. It’s time for all residents to be included and united.

Bolingbrook United is proud to present our candidates that care about your family, our economy and taxes and our entire community.
Join us and Unite!

How can I help?

Volunteer! In order for change to happen, we need a strong grass roots organization. Help us spread the word and unite Bolingbrook. If you feel like we do and want to be involved, we can use your help. Contact us today!

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Meet the Team

Jackie Traynere
Jackie Traynere
Jaime Olson
Jaime Olson
Bob Jaskiewicz
Bob Jaskiewicz
Mary Helen Reyna
Mary Helen Reyna
Terri Ransom
Terri Ransom

Jackie Traynere, Candidate for Mayor

Leading Bolingbrook United’s ticket and running for Mayor of Bolingbrook is Jackie Traynere, current member of the Will County Board and Labor Organizer at the American Federation of Government Employees, AFL-CIO. Jackie has two grown children and first made her home in Bolingbrook 1970. She resides with her husband Joe, who owns local business The Cleaning Authority.

Why are you running? I grew up here, raised my family here and plan to retire here. Bolingbrook is a great place to live. This is a way for me to serve the residents and give back to a community that has given me and my family so much.

Why do you believe you are qualified for the position? I have had 8 years of experience on the Will County Board, working with a diverse group of people representing diverse communities has taught me that compromise is not a dirty word and that having diversity can help you get to the best solutions.

What do you believe needs to be changed within the Village government? Transparency is needed, open meetings with residents having more input. New leaders that are independent thinkers with new idea’s and energy. Putting an end to the special interests and pay to play reputation that Bolingbrook has had for the last 20 years.

What do you love the most about Bolingbrook? The diversity of the community’s residents and the parks. We have some of the most beautiful public spaces of anywhere around.

What do you like the least about Bolingbrook? I’ve learned recently about the fears of our Muslim residents, particularly since the election. These fears, as we can blatantly see, are not unfounded. It frustrates me that our immigrant residents worry constantly about how they will be treated and that they live with the fear that their families may be divided. We are not a town founded in fear, and we can do better to provide for and support all our citizens.

The other thing I like least is the debt we owe for a Golf Club most of our residents can never use. Not to mention the fact that the Golf Club has never shown consistent profit.

Jaime Olson, Candidate for Village Clerk

Jaime is a labor and employment law attorney. Jaime has been a resident of Bolingbrook for over 10 years where she lives with her husband Joe, owner of a local business - the Law Office of Giamanco & Ooink, and her two children.

Bob Jaskiewicz, Candidate for Village Trustee

Bob is an Owner and Managing Director of 12five Capital, a business lending firm, and is heavily involved in the Bolingbrook community. Bob has five adult children and has been resident of Bolingbrook for 21 years where he lives with his wife Linnea.

Mary Helen Reyna, Candidate for Village Trustee

Mary Helen is the owner of Reyna Law Office, a Bolingbrook based law firm that concentrates in immigration law. She is fluent in Spanish and has been a resident of Bolingbrook for 9 years where she lives with her daughter and her husband John.

Why are you running? It's time for change. It's time for leadership that reflects, and more importantly, respects and understands our diverse community. We may have different views but we must always respect each other and the voice of the people. We have to get involved, get informed, get active in our community.

Why do you believe you are qualified for the position? As a 9-year resident and business owner in Bolingbrook, I have had the opportunity to serve on local boards and learn about Bolingbrook and its residents. As an attorney and mediator, I could serve the Village well in finding compromise where necessary to serve all of our residents. I am open to listening more and talking less to learn what our residents require and desire from their local government.

What do you believe needs to be changed within the Village government? We need a more open policy. One that is inviting and accessible to everyone. One that inspires our residents to pursue new ideas and share different viewpoints.

What do you love the most about Bolingbrook? We moved to Bolingbrook because of its location, diversity, development and affordability. Our location is central to airports, shopping centers, family-friendly events and highways to easily access many more amenities near and far. As a Latina Spanish-speaking attorney in an inter-racial marriage, I love the diversity we have here.

What do you like least about Bolingbrook? Lack of transparency. For example, I have learned that Bolingbrook is $180,000,000 in debt. While we appreciate the amenities our Village provides, it concerns me that we may be living beyond our means.

Terri Ransom, Candidate for Village Trustee

Terri is an Information Technology Consultant for TEKsystems working with Cyber Security downtown Chicago. She has been a resident of Bolingbrook for 17 years where she lives with her two children and her husband Michael.

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